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P. Activity DVD deets

12.11.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Hard to believe that PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is ready to hit home video already. The low-budget phenomenon will be released on DECEMBER 29th in TWO different version - a standard one, and a Limited Collector's Edition that allows you to literally own a piece of the movie.

Among the features:

- The theatrical version and an unrated version with an alternate ending never shown in theaters
- An authentic film cell from the movie, featured on a collectible trading card
- Individually numbered, limited edition t-shirt to showcase that YOU "demanded it!"

This intense edge-of-your seat horror film follows a young suburban couple who record the sinister disturbances in their home while they sleep– even as the domestic haunting becomes more frequent, more threatening and all too personal. Hypnotic and harrowing, Paranormal Activity uniquely delivers frightful suspense punctuated by moments of sudden and unexpected terror, all the way to the shocking ending.

Featuring a version not shown in theaters with an exclusive alternate ending, Paranormal Activity is the one supernatural thriller Blu-ray to own that plays on your most primal fears, and guarantees you’ll need to sleep with the lights on.

To pre-order the special edition, head on over HERE

Extra Tidbit: How many "authentic cells" from the flick can they have?
Source: AITH



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