Pacific Rim trailer and sequel talk from Guillermo del Toro

PACIFIC RIM is still too-damn-far-away for our liking, but we're learning to wait patiently for next summer's monsters-vs-robots epic. Something that is sure to crank up our impatience for the film's July release is the official trailer, which hits next month; when we got a look at a version of it at Comic-Con, it made us drool like a hobo at a cheap buffet. (Relive it HERE.)

Collider recently spoke with director Guillermo del Toro about PACIFIC RIM and asked about his involvement with the construction of the trailer; here's how he responded:

"They bring it to me and then I do a little pass myself, I help with the sound design, then we re-cut it again, and then I’m involved in the timing of the color and the mixing of the sound, so whatever you saw in San Diego or New York, I was completely part of the process."

Del Toro made it clear that while the film's effects are not close to being completed, the trailer will show off clean, finished CG work:

“We have a couple of finished shots, but most of the stuff is being finished for the trailer. If it goes public, it has to be [stuff that I’m happy to show]. I’m very, very happy to show off what we’ll show in December.”

Looking far off into the future, del Toro was asked about a potential sequel to PACIFIC RIM. Unsurprisingly, it seems like a real possibility.

“We certainly started tossing ideas for possibilities of a sequel and Travis Beacham and I are writing a proposal of ideas, but at the same time I know I don’t want to do that next. I want to do something else, I want to do something in a different genre that’s not so big. So I don’t know yet what it’s gonna be, but I know that next year I’m delivering Pacific Rim in July and then I’m doing—God willing—the voice shooting for Pinocchio and then the pilot for The Strain for FX.”

God willing, all of del Toro's upcoming maniacal creations will be as stupendous as we know they can be. First up is PACIFIC RIM, out July 12th.

Extra Tidbit: PACIFIC RIM star Rinko Kikuchi (pictured above) was nominated for an Oscar in 2007.
Source: Collider



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