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Pacific Rim's Max Martini joins supernatural thriller Spectral

06.06.2014by: Ryan Miller

The film that Legendary is calling “a supernatural BLACK HAWK DOWN” will now see PACIFIC RIM star Max Martini star alongside the previously announced James Badge Dale in SPECTRAL, which is being directed by Nic Matthieu.

What we originally learned about the project is that it is centered on a modern-day, militaristic, and gritty approach to fighting the supernatural. Sources say the pitch, which sold for six figures, has been described as a darker and more serious take on a GHOSTBUSTERS-like story, with a plot that revolves around a special ops group formed to bring down evil ghosts that have taken over Manhattan.

This could be really cool, and I actually kind of dig the serious GHOSTBUSTERS-like approach to the story. Hopefully we'll be catching more news on this one soon, so keep an eye here for more!

Rinko Kikuchi starred in PACIFIC RIM

Extra Tidbit: Tell us what you think of SPECTRAL!
Source: Deadline



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