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Pain in the house!

02.23.2007by: The Arrow

Here's a heads up on the upcoming horror short HOUSE OF PAIN to be helmed by writer/director/producer Mike West this coming April.

The film is about a group of friend who travel to Niagara falls for a Vegas style wedding. While there, they purchase tickets for a haunted/fun house, and quickly discover that it is more than it appears to be.

The flick will be shot at various tourist attractions around Niagara Falls' famous Clifton Hill. Locations will include: The Midway (arcade), The Sky Wheel (Ferris Wheel) and the Nightmares Fear Factory (haunted house).

The short is actually lifted off of a feature length script of the same name. Mike and crew hope that their 15 minutes version of the story will attract investor$ in the name of financing and shooting the full film. Stay in the HOUSE OF PAIN loop via their Production Diary HERE and check out their MySpace page HERE. Break a leg guys and snap some necks on the shoot!

Now this is what I like to see when hitting an amusement park. Is that wrong?

Source: AITH



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