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Paramount acquires sci-fi short Vessel for feature

10.04.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Paramount Pictures has acquired Clark Baker's sci-fi short film VESSEL, with an eye toward making it into a feature film. The studio has tapped Stephen Susco (THE GRUDGE) to pen the screenplay and produce the film, while Baker will get a shot at directing.

Another inspirational tale for all you aspiring filmmakers! Seems like this kind of thing happens more and more nowadays.

Said to be in the vein of THE THING and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, VESSEL focuses on Liberty Airlines' Flight 298 and its passengers. Shortly after takeoff, the passengers encounter an otherworldly force and are thrown into a fight for their lives.

Susco will help Baker develop the short into a feature. The original short, which was helped greatly by Kickstarter, blended practical creature effects with modern VFX.

We'll keep you posted as this one develops.

Extra Tidbit: Stephen Susco also wrote the upcoming TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D, which stars Alexandra Daddario (pictured above).
Source: Variety



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