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Paramount aiming for an October 2015 release for Paranormal Activity 5

08.01.2014by: Kevin Woods

Back in June we learned that Paramount had pumped the brakes on their successful PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise, with the fifth entry in the series being delayed until 2016. Now it seems that things have taken a better turn for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 with Paramount aiming to have it ready for an October 2015 release.

Bloody Disgusting shared the news that the project is now being eyed for an October 2015 release, and that screenwriters Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark (writers on the upcoming found-footage time-travel movie PROJECT ALMANAC) are said to have been experiencing their fair share of difficulty “cracking this story,” which is being partly to blame for the project’s slower-than-expected progress.

Hopefully Paramount can get this franchise back on track. After the disappointing PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 there's nowhere to go but up, right? We'll be keeping an eye on the films progress and bring you any updates we hear.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY actress Katie Featherston

Extra Tidbit: Do you even care to see another PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film or are you done with the series?
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