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Paramount sends Predators scribe to rewrite supernatural action flick Hellified

12.17.2012by: Jake Dee

We'd excuse even the most ardent AITH reader if they've forgotten about HELLFIFIED, a supernatural action movie for Paramount we wrote about in the June of 2009. 2009? Wow.

Now dusted off, Paramount has tapped PREDATORS co-scribe Michael Finch to retool the script. Originally, the flick was envisioned as a larger, FX driven spectacle with RED DAWN director Dan Bradley attached. Now however, with Bradley gone, the plan is to apparently scale back the CG laden visual look and go with a bombed-out, ruinous urban landscape instead. A move I personally back 100%.

HELLIFIED follows a strike force, comprised of criminals, that goes to Hell in order to stop the End of Days.

I like it, but it seems too simple to get mad at or intrigued by. Anyone else want to hear more ?Sadly we'll have to wait.

Di Bonaventura Pictures is producing for Paramount.

Extra Tidbit: What's the best supernatural action flick?
Source: THR



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