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Paramount's Lions, Tigers and Bears gets scribes Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson

06.08.2011by: Jake Dee

What is this, kiddy horror day?

Moments after relaying that DIVERGENT story, it now seems we have another child-centric horror/thriller on our hands. It's called LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS, which is set up at Paramount. Care to hear more?

According to THR, the studio has tapped writers Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson to bring LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS to the big screen. They'll work to adapt the Image comic book by Mike Bullock.

Here's the skinny:

Pic tells of the adventures of a young boy who discovers that his stuffed animals come to life to protect him from monsters that come out of his closet.

Word is Paramount is looking to develop the flick as a live-action tent-pole that is laden with F/X. A potential franchise is also being considered.

Before I ask if you've read the LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS comic, it may behoove you to know Epstein and Jacobson wrote NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE, THE COMEBACKS and EXTREME MOVIE. They also have THE FAMILIARS in the works for Sony Animation, as well as THE TRANSPLANTS for Disney.

THE COMEBACKS' Brooke Nevin!

Extra Tidbit: Are you familiar with this LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS comic? You think it'll make a decent movie?
Source: THR



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