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Paranormal Acitivity 2 writer also has The Voices coming our way

01.19.2010by: Ammon Gilbert
We just told you about the dramatic deal concerning PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 and SAW VII 3D (read up on it HERE), but what was buried deep in the breaking news was some detail about Michael R. Perry's other upcoming horror flick, THE VOICES.

Perry, who just signed on to write P.A.2, has had quite the career of writing for television up to this point, taking on the likes of MILLENIUM for a few years, as well as LAW & ORDER: SVU and THE DEAD ZONE. And now he's taking a stab at writing some horror for the big screen. Very nice!

Before the P.A.2 deal came about, however, Perry had a spec script (taking 3rd slot on the 2009 Black List) called THE VOICES, and let me tell you... this sucker sounds fantastic! Check this out: Jerry, a schizophrenic worker at a bathtub factory, accidentally kills an attractive woman from accounting. While trying to cover his bloody tracks, Jerry starts taking advice from his talking (and foul-mouthed) cat and dog.

Whoa, the cat and dog told him to kill? No... they just walk him through how to dispose of the body. Wow... sounds awesome! I can already see the tagline now... If you liked GARFIELD, you're gonna love THE VOICES! Then, of course, the film would proceed to scar every little kid in the audience with it's overall brutality and foul language.

According to THR, THE VOICES is now set up with Doug Davison and Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, the same duo who helped bring QUARANTINE and THE UNNVITED to the big screen. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing at this point, but... it is what it is.

I don't know about you, but the concept of THE VOICES has me way more pumped up than the thought of another PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. I suppose we shall see how it all plays out. Stick around for more on THE VOICES as we hear it!

The only two watchable parts in GARFIELD: Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Extra Tidbit: A foul-mouthed cat and dog is redemption for those made to sit through GARFIELD and CATS AND DOGS.
Source: THR



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