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Paranormal Xperience, from the producers of The Orphanage, gets a trailer

09.02.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Rodar y Rodar, the production company behind the Guillermo del Toro-produced thrillers THE ORPHANAGE and JULIA'S EYES, are once again trying to spook you silly with PARANORMAL XPERIENCE 3D. (Once known as SCARS; also known as XP3D in the name of brevity.) The trailer has just begun to haunt the web, so we've brought it here for you to ogle.

Five medical students try to prove their teacher haunting is only a superstition. Exploring an abandoned town, strange phenomena start occurring. Spooked, the students struggle to free themselves and leave the town.

PARANORMAL XPERIENCE 3D stars Maxi Iglesias, Amaia Salamanca and Úrsula Corberó. Director Sergi Vizcaino has said this about the flick: "In XP3D we will take the audience to horrific places, we will put them physically there and we won't let them escape. We will follow the main characters into long and sinister basements where 3D will transport them to their worst nightmares."

Holy hell, I'm on board with that! Let's look at the trailer and see if Mr. Vizcaino is straight-talkin' us...

Amaia Salamanca

Extra Tidbit: Does PARANORMAL XPERIENCE 3D raise your skirt, or leave you cold?
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