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Paul Feig in talks to helm female-led Ghostbusters reboot

08.04.2014by: Kevin Woods

It seems that we've been hearing about a GHOSTBUSTERS sequel or reboot for years, and over the past several months we've been seeing a little forward momentum with a new GHOSTBUSTERS project with Dan Ackroyd sharing that things were 'really close' to happening and Sony and Ivan Reitman working closely together to find a director for it. Now Variety is reporting that Sony has locked in their sights on a director for a new GHOSTBUSTERS film, but it isn't the sequel that we've been promised.

It has been reported that BRIDESMAIDS and THE HEAT director Paul Feig is apparently being courted to helm a new GHOSTBUSTERS flick, but instead of a sequel sources indicate that Feig might actually be spearheading a new reboot with a female cast. The report was quick in noting that formal discussions have yet to take place, but that Feig has expressed interest in the project.Subsequently, Variety reports that this film will be a total GHOSTBUSTERS reboot that will “most likely” focus on female characters played by comedic actresses, adding that the script will be started over from scratch.

GHOSTBUSTERS 3 was initially supposed to be directed by Ivan Reitman, the director of the original GHOSTBUSTERS and its 1989 follow-up, GHOSTBUSTERS II, but he dropped out in March. It’s unclear whether another director will be chosen for that project or if this reboot will take its place.

So how does this news hit you? Would you be down for a female-led GHOSTBUSTERS reboot? Who would you like to see slap on the proton packs? Hit us up in the comments below and give us your thoughts.

Extra Tidbit: Who would you like to see slap on the proton packs in a female-led GHOSTBUSTERS reboot?
Source: Variety



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