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Paul McGuigan's Frankenstein captures Jessica Brown Findlay

09.11.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Jessica Brown Findlay - best known for starring in the BBC's acclaimed drama "Downton Abbey" - has snagged the female lead in Paul Guigan's FRANKENSTEIN.

Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy star as Igor and Dr. Victor Frankenstein, respectively, in the revisionist take on the Mary Shelley classic, which was written by Max Landis (CHRONICLE). Not much is currently known about the plot, other than that it takes place from Igor's point of view. "It's about two young, brilliant guys pushing each other. Eventually one loses his morality and the other has to bring him back," Radcliffe told the Hollywood Reporter recently.

Findlay will play an injured trapeze artist who comes under the care of Dr. Frankenstein. Presumably, she'll be a love interest for the good doctor, and maybe for Igor as well.

FRANKENSTEIN will be released by 20th Century Fox next October.

Source: THR



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