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Paul Sloan is a marine out for revenge in Nation's Fire; Bruce Dern co-stars

05.10.2017by: Eric Walkuski

Action badass Paul Sloan (VIGILANTE DIARIES, THE NIGHT CREW, I AM WRATH) is going to strike down upon some fools with great vengeance and furious anger in NATION'S FIRE, a Thomas Churchill-directed film that is being described as "Easy Rider meets The Professional." And hell, I'll see a movie like that!

More specifically, NATION'S FIRE is about...

a marine (Sloan) who has to help a woman (Krista Grotte) seeking revenge for the death of her son.

Sounds like an old-school story of righteous revenge. Naturally, we're all in.

The legendary Bruce Dern co-stars in the film, along with Gil Bellows, Chuck Liddell, Kristen Renton and Massimo Dobrovic. Filming recently got underway in L.A. Below is a pic - a blurry one, sadly - of Sloan being directed on set.

Extra Tidbit: Hollywood needs a new action star. Sloan should be that star!
Source: Deadline



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