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Paul Verhoeven to direct Eternal, a sexy supernatural thriller!

10.14.2010by: Jake Dee

Well f*ck yeah!

Absent the director's chair the last four years, Deadline reports Paul Verhoeven (right) has just made a deal to direct ETERNAL, a sexy supernatural thriller about a seductive phantom that threatens a married man's life. Word is the film will more or less resemble FATAL ATTRACTION with a succubus...which alone sounds about the best thing I've heard all f*ckin' week!

Written by David Loughery (OBSESSED, LAKEVIEW TERRACE), ETERNAL follows a married recovering alcoholic who helps a woman threatening to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. They end up in bed, and in a torrid sexual affair. When he gets home, he’s confronted by his wife and a private investigator, with photos spread across a table. He thinks he’s busted, but the photos that should have shown him in the clinches with his mistress instead show him alone, drinking alcohol. He initially questions his own sanity, but progressively figures out that this temptress is a ghost who is after his soul.

Solid enough premise on its own, but hear me out. Loughery's credits of late don't exactly inspire greatness, yet the man did pull DREAMSCAPE out of his mind somewhere back in 1984. Dude also wrote PASSENGER 57 and MONEY TRAIN, so maybe he'll get his boy Snipes to shell out a cameo. Wait, is Wes still working? Never-mind...

What's the early reaction to ETERNAL? Diggin' the premise? How stoked are you to see Verhoeven get back to darker genre material, a la BASIC INSTINCT?

Let's hear what ya got!

I still love you Jessie Spano!

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Verhoeven flick?



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