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Paul Walker being eyed for the role of Kyle Reese in Terminator 5?

06.06.2011by: Jake Dee

After collaborating on that untouchable cinematic marvel, FAST FIVE, director Justin Lin and actor Paul Walker may reunite on TERMINATOR 5. No joke.

Word comes from What's Playing, which specifies that Walker is being courted by Lin and MGM to play a young version of Kyle Reese (originated by the great Michael Biehn). You still with me?!?

After Schwarzenegger's family fallout last month, it was announced the former governor would table his acting comeback until his personal issues were sorted. TERMINATOR 5 was one of the major vehicles Arnold was set to get back in the game with, and now we're hearing he may not be ruled out after-all. In fact, producers may truncate his role in hopes of luring him back to the franchise that made him one of the all time greatest action-movie stars. No matter what happens with the Schwarz however, it seems the studio is intent on moving ahead in TERMINATOR 5.

So take note, all of this is preliminary at this stage. But that isn't stopping us from opining. Straight up, how would you feel if Paul Walker played Kyle Reese in the 5th TERMINATOR movie? Could it work? Or are you of the opinion that any version without The Governator is simply not worth it?

Spray a clip below!

FAST FIVE'S Jordana Brewster!

Extra Tidbit: For f*ck's sake, just bring back Michael Biehn already!
Source: What's Playing



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