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Penny Dreadful and Dr. Gangrene's Dreadful Hallowgreen Special to DVD

04.13.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Alphe Video will release THE DREADFUL HALLOWGREEN SPECIAL on DVD on April 26. The television special was broadcast last Halloween as a collaboration between horror hosts Penny Dreadful and Dr. Gangrene. The trailer and cover art can be viewed below.

The DVD will feature an extended cut of the show. Special features include a Terror Trailer special, bloopers and outtakes, "Thumpers" short film contest winner, public service short films from Dr. Gangrene, clips from other Penny Dreadful holiday specials, biographies and the trailer. The disc will retail for $7.99.

The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special pairs TV horror hosts Penny Dreadful & Dr. Gangrene together. The duo finds themselves readying for the upcoming Halloween season when suddenly all things go awry. It's up to the physician of fright, Dr. Gangrene, and the eerie enchantress, Penny Dreadful, to set things right and save Halloween for everyone in this half hour special. Narrated by Washington DC's legendary horror host Count Gore De Vol, this Halloween treat is packed with fright.

The film is a co-production between Shackle Island Studios and Peculiar Productions, with filming taking place in both Massachusetts and Tennessee, along with California and Washington D.C. It is directed by Cameron McCasland and Rebecca Paiva.

Extra Tidbit: THE DREADFUL HALLOWGREEN SPECIAL will also be screening at Wonderfest in May.
Source: AITH



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