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Perkins 14 director's next

01.08.2009by: Eric Walkuski

My good buddy Eric over at BloodyGoodHorror got a nice scoop from PERKINS' 14 director Craig Singer about his next project, which is set up at Warner Bros. Read on for the deets...

My partner Chris Williams and I are doing a film with Warner Brothers called "Fear 101", that's the working title. It's really going to take the user-generated element to the next level, even moreso than "Perkins 14", and give the fans an extremely robust opportunity to kind of participate in the feature film. We're very excited about that, I always wanted to do a film with Warner Brothers, and we're just starting the process as we speak so I'm pretty psyched.

Sounds promising, although of course vague. PERKINS' 14 opens this Friday as part of After Dark's Horrorfest, and I must say it's the most appealing-looking of the films. Check out the trailer by clicking the image below. And for the rest of BloodyGoodHorror's interview with Singer, click HERE.

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