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Perkins gets a JOB

06.12.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Our man from the inside, actor Lee Perkins, gave us a heads up today regarding the latest genre effort he's involved with- this time it's priests at a summer's camp for boys in JOB, from the makers of SIN-JIN SMYTH.

Co-written and directed by John Gray, JOB is based on a sinister plot involving the gruesome disappearance of several priests who run a remote summer camp for boys, (and designed in the spirit of Halloween and Friday the 13th), has already become the source of much debate and controversy among certain religious groups in the Los Angeles area.

Religion and controversy seems to be what makes the big bucks these days, so if they can crank out an absent minded slasher flick because of it, and make a little extra bank in the process, more power to them! Gray, who was asked about if they had plans on toning this one down to a PG-13 release, said 'We plan to keep this one dark, and true to form for the fans of the horror genre!' . And that's all he had to say- I'm so there!

Bill Moseley (THE DEVIL'S REJECTS) is in talks to star, as well as Michael Pare. If Moseley and Perkins are rockin' this joint, you know it's gonna be some good times ahead. To check out the Official Site, go ahead and click HERE, and stick around- as I'm sure we'll be hearing more and more about this one as time goes by.
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