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03.31.2009by: Mike Catalano
Donít make me use my stuff on ya, babyÖ again! Yes, by now we should all know and love that line from the singular horror triumph BUBBA HO-TEP. I added on the ďagainĒ because I just heard a bit more on the long-gestating sequel/prequel which is still kicking under the title BUBBA NOSFERATU. Big Red himself, Ron Perlman, will now be holding the walker handles as old Elvis (the role so masterfully played by Bruce Campbel in HO-TEP), and spoke recently regarding NOSFERATUís progress and some basic details:

ďItís a follow-up to Bubba Ho Tep. Don Coscarelli made that wonderful cult film and Bruce Campbell played Elvis. This is a follow-up to that. Bruce, for one reason or another decided that he didnít want to go on with the character and they asked if I would and I definitely would. It is on track and with any help from the gods and the elements weíll be shooting that thing next fall.Ē

I know I shouldnít get too presumptuous, but it really seems like the flick is seriously on its way. Would HELLBOY lie to me? Would the gods and the elements dare to spite HELLBOY? I hope not! The current plan, Iíve heard, is to shoot NOSFERATU very soon for a release in 2011. Iím all for this and wonder if Elvis will have a well-known aged sidekick (like JFK in the original).

Heidi Marnhout had a small role in HO-TEP.

Extra Tidbit: Bruce Campbell won three acting awards for his portrayal in HO-TEP. I still say the performance was Oscar-worthy.



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