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Peter Sarsgaard set to climb Twin Peaks in recurring role

10.06.2015by: Jake Dee

Man, David Lynch isn't fooling around with the cast of his relaunched Twin Peaks...

According to TV Line, Peter Sarsgaard has joined the cast of Showtime's Twin Peaks revival. No particulars were given for his role, other than it will be a recurring one. As always with a Lynch project, the mystery is half of the intrigue. No wonder details weren't dished out in full.

We do know however that Sarsgaard is set to join the likes of Kyle MacLachlan, Amanda Seyfried, Balthazar Getty (LOST HIGHWAY) and Robert Knepper in the much anticipated 20-year on continuation. The show, which is currently filming in Washington state, will be helmed every step of the way by Mr. Lynch, including writing and directing duties. Co-creater Mark Frost also helped write the scripts.

Keep it close for more Twin Peaks updates.

How about Seyfried's Twin Peaks Though!

Extra Tidbit: Think this will be better than the 90s series?
Source: TV Line



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