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Peter Weir to direct gothic thriller The Keep

05.22.2012by: Andy Madrzak

Peter Weir, the acclaimed director behind such films as THE TRUMAN SHOW and DEAD POETS SOCIETY is attached to direct "contemporary gothic thriller" THE KEEP, as reported by Variety. The movie will be an adaptation of Jennifer Egan's bestselling 2006 novel. Weir himself is in charge of writing the script, with an estimated budget of $30 million. As the director himself stated, "basically, THE KEEP is a studio-shoot movie",  structured as a France-Australia - or possibly France-Germany-Australia - co-production, using French and Australian crew.

"The Keep" turns on two estranged American cousins who reunite to set up an alternative resort, stirring childhood traumas and phobias in a haunted castle.

THE KEEP will be Weir's next movie after THE WAY BACK, starring Colin Farrell and Ed Harris, and will most likely be filmed in Europe. No details regarding a potential release date are known at this point.

Extra Tidbit: Not to be mistaken with Michael Mann's 1983 film of the same title.
Source: Variety



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