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Philip K. Dick's Now Wait For Last Year headed to big-screen

12.05.2011by: Jake Dee

Philip K. Dick's work continues to live on celluloid...

Variety is reporting another Philip K. Dick novel is headed to the big screen, as Lila 9th and Electric Shepherd Productions have optioned rights to the sci-fi thriller NOW WAIT FOR LAST YEAR. Ted Kupper will adapt the novel while the studio searches for a director to meet a late 2012 start date.

Earth is trapped in the crossfire of an unwinnable war between two alien civilizations. Its leader is perpetually on the verge of death. And on top of it all, a new drug has just entered circulationa drug that whips its users back and forth across time.

In an attempt to escape his doomed marriage, Dr. Eric Sweetscent is caught up in all of it. But he has questions: is Earth on the right side of the war? Is he supposed to heal Earths leader or keep him sick? And can he change the harrowing future that the drug has shown him?

Haha, Eric Sweetscent. That's a good one. PKD adaptations can be hit or miss, as we all know. Will NOW WAIT FOR LAST YEAR be as good as something like BLADE RUNNER or TOTAL RECALL, or something as bad as NEXT or PAYCHECK? This will be the key concern as we track the film in the coming months.

PAYCHECK's Ivana Milicevic

Extra Tidbit: What's the worst PKD film adaptation? The worst!
Source: Variety



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