Pics and poster for Bikini Girls on Ice sequel, Pin-up Dolls on Ice

Have you seen Mr. Ammon Gilbert's favorite movie ever, BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE? Well, if not, I'm sure you'll still be able to figure out what's going on in its sequel, PIN-UP DOLLS ON ICE! Yes, they already went ahead and forged a follow-up, even though it only just recently came out. Guess there's just always going to be demand for bikini girls!

The film just wrapped up production, and we've got a few stills and a cool promo poster, sent to us directly by the director, Geoff Klein. Peep 'em below.

The synopsis: The Pin-up Dolls are a hot pin-up act who put the tease back in striptease. But when an old friend (Suzi Lorraine) hires them to put on a show at a secluded campground, the girls find themselves being stalked by a homicidal maniac with a sick obsession with ice. As they’re hunted one-by-one, they soon realize they’ll have to rely on more than their looks to survive this nightmare named Moe.

We'll let you know when this flick has an official release date and/or trailer.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE yet?
Source: AITH



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