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Pig Hunt trailer!

01.25.2008by: Eric Walkuski

An abso-f*cking-lutely crazy trailer for the charmingly titled PIG HUNT has popped up over on FANGO - and let me just say: What the f*ck?!

First, familiarize yourself with what this lunacy is about... When John takes his San Francisco friends to his deceased uncle's remote ranch to hunt wild pigs, it seems like a typical guys weekend with guns - despite the presence of John's sexy girlfriend Brooks. But as John and his crew trek deeper into the forest, they begin tracking the awful truth about his uncle's demise and the legend of The Ripper -- a murderous three-thousand-pound black boar! Their pursuit leads them through fields of marijuana and into the muddy landscape of Big Wallow, involving high-powered weaponry, the violent and unpredictable Tibbs Brothers, massacred emus, a machete-toting Hippie Stranger, vengeful rednecks, and throat-slitting Cult Girls who grow dope by day and worship a Giant Killer Pig by night.

Yeah, and surprisingly the trailer does that kooky synopsis justice. The flick was directed by James Isaac, who is perhaps compensating for how irredeemably bland and boring SKINWALKERS was. This is the other side of the spectrum: batshit crazy. (The guy also did the so-bad-it's-fun JASON X.)

Click HERE to watch the trailer. Forgive the music, it's terrible, but there are certainly enough images of bloody carnage and pig-related mayhem that make it seem like quite the guilty pleasure - certainly the only pleasure Isaac is capable of.

Source: Fangoria



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