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Piranha to bite!

03.16.2007by: Omar Hussain

Well, it was first reported a couple days ago about the possible remake of the comedy-horror parody PIRANHA, and now itís official. Joe Danteís 1978 film about ravenous piranhas chomping down on people will be helmed by French filmmaker Alexandre Aja, whoís credits are the remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES and HIGH TENSION.

HmmÖit seems like everything and anything is being made into a remake these days. If a remake about killer piranhas are being made, whatís going to stop a studio from remaking WEEKEND AT BERNIEíS 2? Ahhh, oh well, hopefully it will be filled with gore, comedic value, and sex to distract us from the lack of plot.

Apparently the studio wants to update the storyline, so here is how it will go: spring breakers of course head to their favorite destination; New Orleans? Ė No. Cabo San Lucas? Ė No. They head to a random lake side front, and after a tremor opens up the ground beneath the lake, killer piranhas f*ck up swimmers.

I donít know about you but if I see one person getting devoured by some kind of fish, Iím staying the hell away from that body of water. Oh well, as long as there is blood and gore, Iím down to see it.

Source: Variety



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