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Piranha/300 producer Mark Canton to Play Dead with football zombies

10.27.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Mark Canton, the feisty producer of PIRANHA 3D who dared write a missive slamming James Cameron and his post-3D hate, is dashing toward the endzone with a killer new zombie project called PLAY DEAD.

Based on the debut novel by Ryan Brown, PLAY DEAD carries the following synopsis: In the sleepy town of Killington, Tex., the local high school's football team is having its best season in decades thanks to the efforts of quarterback Cole Logan. Afraid of losing the district championship, the rival Elmwood team sends the Killington bus into a river, drowning everyone on the team except Cole and the coach. Only local witch and football fan Black Mona can raise the players from the dead in time for the game, but if they keep stopping to eat people, they might miss it.

Scribe Joe Schrieber will adapt the novel, which hit bookshelves this past May. Shooting should begin sometime in the third quarter of 2011. Canton and co. are also looking to develop a comicbook and videogame based on PLAY DEAD. I can see both working out splendidly. (Imagine being a zombie on the gridiron?!)

No word on whether or not this will be in shitty post-converted 3D...

Extra Tidbit: Canton has some zombie experience, having produced George Romero's LAND OF THE DEAD (starring Asia Argento, above).
Source: Variety



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