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Plot details for Scott Stewart's Dark Skies shine through

06.12.2012by: Andy Madrzak

Director Scott Stewart, whom you might know from such movies as PRIEST and LEGION, is gearing up for his next feature - the alien invasion flick DARK SKIES. Not too much has been known up to this point, but we've just learned the full synopsis. Check it out below.

"Dark Skies is a psychological thriller about a suburban couple whose lives become a nightmare when a terrifying alien presence enters their home each night to prey upon their children. Increasingly isolated from skeptical friends and neighbors, the couple is forced to take matters into their own hands to save their family."

The film will be produced by Jason Blum, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Charles Layton. Keri Russell (below) and Daniel Barrett are in talks to star.

Production is to start this summer.



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