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Polo gets on Beacon

02.22.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
The Hollywood Reporter announced this morning that hottie actress and Playboy poser Teri Polo just scored the leading lady role in the upcoming ghost story THE BEACON, from writer/director Michael Stokes.

What's even cooler than that casting is the cast that she'll be joining: David Rees Snell, Michael Urie, and Michael Ironside! That's right, Richter from TOTAL RECALL (among many other memorable roles) is in this beast. Somehow, that elevates this project from 'meh' to 'cool' in the blink of an eye.

But wait - what's THE BEACON all about? Check it: [the film revolves around a] thirtysomething woman grieving over the loss of her 4-year-old son. Along with her college professor and author husband (Snell), Bryn moves into the charming old Beacon Apartments. There, she begins to see a boy who died in a fall down the Beacon's elevator shaft while trying to escape his abusive father. With the help of an eccentric young professor (Urie), Bryn tries to save the boy's spirit. Ironside plays a tough career cop who has adopted the residents.

I thought they made this movie already and it was called DARK WATER. Sure, there are differences, but ghosts needing to be saved from their apartment tombs have been done so many times before... ah well. Unlike DARK WATER, maybe this one will actually turn out good!

Production starts this week in Dallas - meanwhile, look for Polo's other horror flick TWO: THIRTEEN, which recently just wrapped. Talk about a busy gal!



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