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Poltergeist director?

08.29.2008by: Eric Walkuski

The Bloody Disgusting boys are reporting that director Vadim Perelman (HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG, lots of commercials) is "in talks" to helm the POLTERGEIST remake, which if you remember, is being penned by the geniuses behind BOOGEYMAN. Of course this isn't confirmed yet, but it's an interesting rumor that's worth pondering over. I haven't seen any of the director's acclaimed work, but the possibility is more intriguing than, say, the director of BOOGEYMAN...

Interestingly, Perelman was once attached to another Spielberg project, THE TALISMAN (although Spielberg doesn't have anything to do with the POLTERGEIST remake). He bailed out of it, and that flick is still waiting to get made... He's also famous for drunkenly smacking around young women - perfect guy to scare the wits out of whoever plays Carol Anne!

Jennifer Connelly, from HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG. She'd make a pretty decent Mrs. Freeling, actually...

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