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Poltergeist is here?

04.01.2008by: Mike Catalano

Calling all Carol Annís! Stay away from the snowy screens of your televisions because it looks like a new entry in the POLTERGEIST franchise is about to cross over from the other side! Wow, we havenít heard any news on a possible spooky sequel/remake since Eric last spoke about it here.

Now, the rumor portals have opened up once again with a posting at the fan site poltergeistiii.com. Apparently, the siteís runner, David, wrote a letter to, Mary Parent, the new Chairperson of Worldwide Motion Picture Group at MGM (the seriesí distributor). He basically asked her what the deal was regarding plans for a sequel or remake. Here is Ms. Parentís response (Iíve bolded the same part that David excitedly bolded in his post):

Hey David- Thanks for the email. Not quite two weeks into the new post so I donít have a specific update, but hopefully going forward there will be more to talk about. In the meantime, thanks for your enthusiasm.

No word on whether it was POLTERGEIST IV or POLTERGEIST: THE RE-IMAGINING, but David seems pretty certain that something is going to happen. And I guess he would know ícause, I mean, he IS the boss of the POLTERGEIST III fan website, right?

Lara Flynn Boyle was in Poltergeist III.
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