Popular web-comic series Last Blood, pitting vampires vs. zombies, gets feature financing

Y'all familiar with the popular web-comic LAST BLOOD? Well that sucker just took a small step toward the big-screen!

Word out of Comic-Con this past weekend revealed that Rick Benattar's Cascade FilmWorks has stepped in to co-finance a live-action feature version of LAST BLOOD, which Simon Hunter (MUTANT CHRONICLES) is poised to direct. Word is the flick will begin shooting this November, with casting soon to commence.

Debuting in 2006, LAST BLOOD takes place in a future in which vampires battle zombies to protect the last surviving humans and preserve their supply of fresh blood.

An epic vampire-zombie battle is never a bad thing, right? If you were a betting man (or woman), which side would you stake your fortune on? Kinda hate to say it, but I think the vampires...which are more cunning, charming and fluid...would win out. Still, I'd love to see a good fight.

Until we hear more, who should Hunter and Benattar cast in this thing? Movie stars or unknowns?

Extra Tidbit: If Hunter casts his MUTANT CHRONICLES star Devon Aoki (above), he's got my ticket!
Source: Deadline



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