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Possession goes to DVD

03.06.2009by: Eric Walkuski

A long, long, looooong ass time ago there was this movie called POSSESSION, which was another generic Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle - remade from an Asian film, natch - about some boring woman who finds out things aren't quite what they seem or some such nonsense, and it was supposed to hit movie theaters in February of 2008. But then the studio determined that the movie sucked, and put it on a shelf to collect dust while they decided what the hell to do with this turkey they regretted making - which they had done in 2006, under the even lamer title ADDICTED.

Cut to present day. They finally figured out a solution. Of course, the simplest, most obvious answer was staring them in the face this whole time. Straight to DVD, baby! Then everyone can forget it was ever made and Gellar can go back to t.v. and we can all move on with our lives...

Directed by Simon Sandquist and Joel Bergvall, POSSESSION also stars Lee Pace (THE FALL) and some other people. It comes out on MAY 12th. You can watch the trailer below if you even give a hoot... End of article. Yayyyy!


Extra Tidbit: The directors were nominated for a Live Action Short Film Oscar in 1998.
Source: AITH



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