Poster and release dates for biological horror flick Toxin

XLrater Entertainment has acquired the biological warfare thriller TOXIN and will release the deadly title this spring. They sent along the poster art, which you can see to the right, but I myself had to dig up a promo trailer - which of course wasn't exactly difficult work.

The promo trailer is actually pretty funny. Whether the humor is intentional or not I will leave up to you to decide.

Lieutenant John Paxton wants revenge against the government he and his men swore their lives to defend. The very government that abandoned and betrayed him, leaving him to die after a secret biological warfare experiment went horribly wrong. John will discover revenge is a journey that will ultimately leave millions infected, countless dead, and the lucky few survivors struggling to find the last safe corner for humanity.

TOXIN, which stars Doug Chapman and Kyra Zagorsky (pictured below) will arrive on VOD on April 15th and DVD on June 10th.

Kyra Zagorsky

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the TOXIN trailer?



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