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Poster and teaser trailer for Korean horror effort The Cat

05.23.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Today we were alerted to a Korean horror flick called THE CAT which is about, you guessed it, some dangerous pussy. Although the teaser trailer - which you can view below - makes it look like just another Asian ghost story, the synopsis, not to mention title, indicates that there's something else going on.

The owners of beautiful cats die mysteriously and the lead character that works in a pet salon knows this truth but still falls for the beauty of cats and gets involved in mysterious horror.

Directed by Byeon Seung-wook and starring Park Min-yeong, Kim Dong-wuk, Kim Min-jae, Sin Da-eun and Kim Ye-ron, THE CAT will be released this summer in Korea. Hopefully soon after the rest of us will get to scratch behind its ear.

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Extra Tidbit: Are you enjoying the sound of this cat's meow?
Source: HanCinema



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