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08.08.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

We were given the heads up this week about a cool sounding little feature called HANAH'S GIFT, a flick that might sound like your typical slasher / stalker flick, except for one tiny detail: the entire movie is seen through the point of view (POV) for a six year old girl in one continuous shot!

At least, it appears as if it's one shot, and that alone is quite triumphant. Specifically, HANAH'S GIFT goes a little something like this: Through the eyes of Hanah, we experience a normal, almost boring evening for Hanah and her friend Toby. It starts with laughter as a motley group of bickering, cranky anger management members gather. Hanah's night suddenly turns to screams as the group is methodically attacked and hunted. Hanah and Toby, protected by a female firefighter, Tyler, escape and journey through a remote area in macabre game of hide and seek.

Since it's real time POV, we see what Hanah sees, and we feel the terror that Hanah feels. What I want to know is: what IS Hanah's gift? Is she supernatural? Can see simply run fast? Is she the first six year old serial killer slayer? I guess we'll have to tune in to find out!

The flick has an extensive OFFICIAL SITE featuring images and even a new trailer to get you excited. Are you intrigued yet? If shite like CLOVERFIELD is what rubs you the right way then HANAH'S GIFT is definitely your bag. Be sure to CHECK IT OUT and get your HANAH'S GIFT groove on now!

Hitting the film fest circuit right about now, there's no immediate release date yet... but we'll keep you posted!


Source: AITH



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