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Predator 3 in the works??

10.20.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Wow this is coming out of left field. PREDATOR 3 with the Governator in it?! Sure it sounds like - and probably is - a pipe dream, but it's a fun one, so I'll run with it for right now...

IESB talked with the head of 20th Century Fox, and target of much internet scorn, Tom Rothman recently about a ton of projects, the most interesting being a potential third PREDATOR film. Apparently there have been some conversations about it, with Ahnold figuring prominently in the ideas. I don't want to seem like a hack (at least, not this time) but I'll just post the transcription of the interview with Mr. Rothman, the better to give you the full effect.

IESB: Just a couple days ago, John Davis, brought up a couple of things, you've probably read about, that he's talked to Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and that he would like to do a stand alone Predator movie.

TR: Who? Arnold would or John?

IESB: Both John and Arnold.

TR: Just give us a call just as soon as his political days are over. Hey, it's all news to me but we would certainly be open to it.

IESB: How about a reboot? No?

TR: You mean with or without Arnold?

IESB: Without Arnold.

TR: That's an idea, I'm gonna make a note of that.

IESB: Davis said that Arnold mentioned to him that as soon as he's done with his Governorship and if he doesn't go onto any other government position, that he'd like to do 1 or 2 movies.

TR: You'll forgive me if I'm a little skeptical about John and that but...just give the Governor my number. Tell him as soon as he gets the state budget signed to call me.

We can't really conclude anything from this other than they are most likely thinking about a new PREDATOR project, seeing how Rothman is a sarcastic bastard... And why not a new PREDATOR flick? Don't forget this man green-lit both AVP movies and both were pretty much universally loathed by the fanboys. A good way to get back into their good graces would be to develop a kick-ass PREDATOR film, with or without Ahnold (would the man really be up for it at this point?). Would bringing Dutch back be the way to go? Or should there be a complete "reboot"? Discuss!

Source: IESB



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