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Predator redo confirmed!

04.24.2009by: Jared Pacheco
It's a known fact that Predator is awesome. Well... when he's by his lonesome that is. When Pred, as I like to call him, is running around in the woods battling Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura he's awesome. When he's running around chasing Danny Glover or battling Aliens under an ancient pyramid... not so awesome. But if you're wondering if he'd be awesome when Robert Rodriguez brings you a bunch of them at once... you're about to find out!

IESB got word today that Rodriguez has confirmed the PREDATOR reboot PREDATORS as one of his upcoming projects! Here's what Rodriguez said:

"I'm going to be able to shoot my upcoming Machete here, a sci-fi action film called Nervewrackers, a re-boot of the Predator series called Predators, and a couple of smaller movies called Sin City 2 and The Jetsons."

He dropped that piece of news at a news conference at 'Troublemaker Studios, where several Texas state politicians were in attendance to sign HB 873, the long-awaited reform of the Texas film incentive program.' It seems Rodriguez plans to tackle MACHETE next but no telling what he's looking at after that. The news on NERVEWRACKERS broke fairly recently and news on SIN CITY 2 has been picking up. And now with this PREDATORS movie coming out of left field... what else can we expect?

So Rodriguez will be both producing and directing the PREDATOR reboot. Hmm... Good or bad? What says you? As always make sure you keep it here for any and all PREDATOR and/or Rodriguez updates.

Regular Rodriguez love-thing Rose McGowan and her boobs.

Extra Tidbit: No mention of RED SONJA, which I believe Rodriguez is currently working on.
Source: IESB



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