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Predators prequel and sequel coming - in comic form!

03.12.2010by: Eric Walkuski

On the day the lucky bastards at SXSW will get a look at Nimrod Antal's PREDATORS, there's some news coming from AICN regarding some other mediums the intergalactic hunters will be appearing in. Namely, books and comics - in prequel and sequel form!

Here's what comic writer David Lapham had to say: "Iím actually doing a prequel and a sequel, so I get to kind of bookend the thing. What we get to do is expand on the experience. In the movie, you get to see these characters during their specific adventure. In the comics we can really dive further into what makes them tick and why things play out like they do in the movie. And we can show what badasses they were before. Then, on the other end, with the sequel, I get to further expand the concept of the movie and itís possibilities going forward."

There's also a novelization in the works, which is nothing extraordinary, but it will apparently expand upon the Alice Braga (pictured below) character - and her connection to the original PREDATOR. Innnnnteresting...

To read the whole interview, head on over HERE. PREDATORS - the film - comes out on JULY 9th.

Extra Tidbit: Remember the original "Alien vs. Predator" comic? Shit was off the hook!
Source: AICN



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