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Premiere: Echo's Pond

11.11.2009by: JimmyO


Imagine you are on an island somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You are with a bunch of your buddies and babes, and you are young and in love and horny. Sound good so far? Now imagine finding a game that looks really creepy and moves on its own. So of course, instead of sex, you have a few drinks and play this game. Well, bad stuff happens and you start to wonder if you should of just screwed around and gotten down to business. Now if this happened in real life, I’m guessing I’d stay away from the creepy game… hell, I don‘t like to leave my house so I probably won‘t have this issue anytime soon. But as a horror fan, if a movie like this came out, I’d definitely be up for JUMANJI, horror style.

Linda Hamilton and James Duvall

As luck would have it, THE BLACK WATERS OF ECHO’S POND offers up a mix of horror and fantasy with a touch of comedy. And when the film recently premiered in Santa Monica at The Laemmle Theatre, we even had a moment of unexpected comic genius with a well timed bit of dialogue as we lost the picture for a moment. But that didn’t take away from the film and it didn’t take away from the fun that evening. And as for luck, I had an abundance of that, as I was a little late for the red carpet thanks to living in Los Angeles and dealing with the nightmarish traffic. But I did however arrive in time to have some enjoyment and say hello to a few new faces, plus a couple of familiar ones.

Once I found a home on the red carpet, I noticed a sense of excitement in the air. The crowd was thrilled to witness the bloody offering from writers Sean Clark, Michael Berenson and director/co-writer Gabriel Bologna. I spoke to these fine gentleman and a handful more. While it was nowhere near the size of say, the MTV Movie Awards, there is a sense of sincerity when it comes to small budget films getting their chance to shine on their big night. Aside from the filmmakers, I also spoke to a couple of the film’s stars, including Mr. James Duval. But I have to say, the highlight was certainly getting a hug from P.J. Soles (she’s a great hugger) and talking one on one with Linda Hamilton. Wow, how geeky I must have looked, standing with my actor buddy Ric Maddox and Jenna Busch’s Flip Video camera (don’t tell her though, I found the camera, among other things as I dropped by her place). Speaking of which, I may have to give her another visit… maybe she has more toys aside from the GI Joe’s I “borrowed”.

PJ Soles

Speaking of Linda Hamilton, I was terribly excited when I saw her walking the carpet, and the truth is, that was a tough interview. Why? Well, I happen to have a massive bit of fanboy love for the actress. Whether it is Sarah Connor from the TERMINATOR films, or Catherine on the cult television series “Beauty and the Beast”, she‘s always been one of my favorites. Sadly, that interview was cut pretty short since the movie was about to begin. So after we called it quits on the carpet, Ric and I rushed in and grabbed a couple of seats. I have to say that watching an good, old school B-movie on a big screen is fun times. As for the rest of the night, those in attendance headed over to a local bar. Once there, we had some tasty appetizers, a few drinks and some chatter.

The night was full of fun times with the movie and the fact that I met one of my favorite actresses ever (Love me some Linda Hamilton). I even think she was okay with my fanboy adoration. But overall, I’m excited to see my buddy Sean Clark get some love for this flick that he has been talking about for so long. Hopefully, many of you will find The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond at a theatre near you. Word is there will be a theatrical release. And what horror fan would miss the chance to see Danielle Harris, James Duval, Robert Patrick and the hotties from GRINDHOUSE, Electra and Elise Avellan all in one movie? Of course, Arrow in the Head will be keeping you posted on Echo’s Pond and it’s upcoming release.

The men behind Echo Pond.


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