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Prepare for season 6 of The Walking Dead with a batch of character portraits

09.17.2015by: Cody Hamman

The return of THE WALKING DEAD is drawing near, and while fans of the show have been kept more connected with its zombie-infested universe than usual this off season with the airing of its new companion show FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, watching FEAR just isn't the same as watching our old friends Rick Grimes and company.

To help fans get prepared for the season 6 premiere, AMC has released a bunch of character portraits that give a look at some of the surviving characters, who are settling in at the Alexandria Safe Zone but are clearly still ready for action.

THE WALKING DEAD season 6 will premiere Sunday, October 11th at 9pm EST on AMC. I'm looking forward to catching up with all of the characters featured in these portraits.

Extra Tidbit: Who is your favorite character on THE WALKING DEAD?
Source: AMC



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