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Prepare for Snow Beast, starring Jason London and John Schneider

04.05.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Something called SNOW BEAST is currently in post-production, and I felt compelled to tell you about it. With a powerhouse cast and an inevitable debut on the Syfy channel sometime in the future, it simply seems like a movie worth keeping a very close eye on. (Or is it just me?)

Directed by Brian Brough (CHRISTMAS ANGEL) and starring Jason London, John Schneider, Danielle Chuchran and Kari Hawker, SNOW BEAST breaks down like this: A massive, bloodthirsty snow creature strikes terror in a remote Canadian town when it starts slaughtering of animals and townsfolk. When a group of scientists investigate with the help of a local policeman, they are trapped by a terrible blizzard and must face off against the cold blooded beast!

The official site of Archstone Distribution alleges SNOW BEAST's release date is AUGUST 29th. Guess we'll see if that holds in the coming months. Peep the trailer below in the meantime!

Kari Hawker

Extra Tidbit: Are you down to boogie with SNOW BEAST?
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