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Preview Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story, plus get a glimpse of Mena Suvari as The Black Dahlia

11.22.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

Week after week FX’s AMERICAN HORROR STORY has been getting better and better and a heck of a lot more interesting. At least that is my opinion and the opinion of others that I have read. It seems to be going at a steady pace and every week I highly anticipate the next episode. The mysteries are quite fascinating and they are certainly keeping me guessing.

This week’s episode titled ‘Rubber Man’ looks to unravel or further confuse us on the mysterious rubber man. This has been one aspect I didn’t get, however I thought it made for an awesome visual so I let it slide. Having an episode centered on ‘it’ certainly seems like a good idea, and I for one can’t wait. You can check out the previews below, here’s the brief synopsis – The story of the father of Vivien's child is revealed, as the enigmatic Rubber Man makes his presence felt.

In other news on the TV series, EW has unveiled a photo from episode 9 featuring guest stars Mena Suvari and Joshua Malina. What is interesting about this and Mena Suvari is that she’ll be playing infamous murder victim Elizabeth Short otherwise known as The Black Dahlia. Malina’s role is that of her dentist who appears to be operating out of the murder house. Malina told EW “My plan was to say to you 
I can't reveal much, but boy, is it hard to get that rubber suit on. I am a seemingly unassuming dentist who may or may not ¬actually be so.” Sounds mysterious! You can catch the show on FX Wednesday’s at 10 pm EST.

Special Preview From Episode 8

Preview Rubber Man

Extra Tidbit: I thought Mena Suvari did a fantastic job in Stuart Gordon's hidden gem STUCK.



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