Producer Frank Marshall debunks Jurassic Park IV 'weaponized dinosaurs' rumors


While speaking to producer Frank Marshall, Crave managed to nab a few juicy bits of information concerning two beloved movie franchises. First up, the much talked about JURASSIC PARK IV, which we've just reported might be coming to theaters sooner than later. Marshall confirmed that the film is indeed on its way:

"It’s in development. It’s got new life. I can tell you that that is moving forward."

However, when asked whether the rumors of part IV focusing on the government developing weaponized dinosaurs were true, he flat out denied it:

"No, no, that’s another rumor. That’s not it."

Huh. That's kind of a bummer, actually, since the premise of dinos used as weapons of mass destruction sounded all sorts of bad-ass. Still, here's hoping that the filmmakers will come up with something equally epic.

On a related not, the producer also gave his two cents on a potential fifth installment in the INDIANA JONES franchise. When asked whether Lucas was already working on a script for a fifth Indy movie, he responded:

"As far as I know he’s not writing a fifth Indy. I think he’s thinking about ideas but he’s certainly not writing one. We’d love to keep the series going but again it’s got to be a really good story. They’re hard to do."

Both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have previously said that Lucas was indeed already working on it, but it looks like we won't be seeing it come to fruition anytime soon.



Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to a fourth JURASSIC PARK and a fifth Indy?
Source: Crave



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