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Production wraps on dark action flick Sineaters, see the poster

05.31.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Cthulhu Blues Productions and Crow-Nan Productions have wrapped principle photography on SINEATERS in Conway, Arkansas. The independent film, described as a "dark action story of violence and redemption," is now in post-production. Check out a poster below.

The film is directed by Sean-Michael Argo and written by Bekah Kelso. The cast includes Tim O'Hearn as the lone drifter, along with Debbie Rochon, Melantha Blackthorne (below), C. Jason Bolton, Bekah Kelso, Caleb Shaner and Kyle Fulbright. It's due out sometime next year.

Sineaters is the story of a lone drifter who has come to the end of a violent and bloody journey. He has the power to consume the sins of evil-doers, and the power to heal with his hands, part faith healer and part gun slinger. He loses the spiritual struggle with the Grim, a manifestation of all the evil he has removed from the world, and is turned against his sineater comrades by the cult known as the Vessels of Wrath. Working with a twisted preacher, Brother Aaron, and a darkly alluring woman who seems to guide the preacher's every decision, the sineater hunts down his friends one by one, as the battle for his soul rages on.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else recognize the font used for the logo as the same one from PREDATOR?
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