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Promo and sneak peek clip of the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead - 'Too Far Gone'

11.25.2013by: Kevin Woods

If you didn't get a chance to peep last nights episode of the hit AMC series "The Walking Dead", or just wanna join in on the discussion of the events of 'Dead Weight', then check out our episode recap/review right HERE. Looks like next weeks mid-season finale is gearing up to be quite intense, and we have a promo and a sneak peek clip for you to bite into below!

"The Walking Dead" Episode 4x08 - "Too Far Gone"

After things begin to calm at the prison, Rick and the group face imminent danger.

Directed by Ernest Dickerson, the Seth Hoffman-penned episode airs Sunday, December 1, 2013.

Check out the promo below.

And here's a sneak peek clip of 'Too Far Gone' to whet your appetite for the mid-season finale.

Extra Tidbit: Are you stoked for next weeks "The Walking Dead"?



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