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Promo poster for psychosexual thriller Liars All, starring Sara Paxton

06.03.2011by: Jake Dee

About six weeks ago we gave you the skinny on a psychosexual thriller called LIARS ALL, from writer/director Brian Brightly. As the film inches through the rigors of post-production, we now have a look at the promo poster for the film. Not much, but hey, it's something!

Starring Sara Paxton (below), Matt Lanter, Gillian Zinser, Torrance Coombs, Alice Evans, Tiffany Mulhero and Randy Wayne - LIARS ALL shapes up like so:

It's New Year's Eve in London and a group of friends are playing a provocative game that spins out of control and ends in murder. Despite an immediate police investigation, the true killer remains elusive amidst conflicting testimony and hidden motives. A night of shared secrets and newfound intimacies takes unexpected turns, resulting in an explosive outcome that will change their lives forever. LIARS ALL is a haunting, psychosexual thriller about desire…and how far some will go to win.

LIARS ALL was being shopped around at Cannes last month. Hopefully we get a release date for this bad boy soon enough!

Extra Tidbit: Sara Paxton also stars in SHARK NIGHT 3D.



Spitting Bullets
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5:04PM on 06/07/2011
I like the font they used.
I like the font they used.
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