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Promo reel sizzles for comic book-style action/horror/fantasy Vivid

01.03.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

A promotional video/sizzle reel for VIVID can be viewed below. The movie comes from Zeroinside Films and is billed as a comic book/anime-styled action/horror/fantasy. Here is the synopsis:

A sociopathic killer known as "The Man of Sin", with his hand deep into the metaphysical world, feels  that he had committed all atrocity that he can on this plane of existence, leading him to experiment with placing his own mind within the consciousness of others and manipulating their actions - all with the intent of experiencing their life...as well as their death...

Brandon Slagle, who co-wrote the script with Jimmy Creamer, directs the picture. The cast features professional wrestler Al Snow, Tawny Amber Young (below) of VH1's "Rock of Love", and Slagle himself as The Man of Sin.

A full trailer is expected to debut in the spring when the visual effects are completed. A limited theatrical release is planned for the summer.

Extra Tidbit: Brandon Slagle recently appeared in Syfy's MEGA SHARK VS CROCOSAURUS.
Source: AITH



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