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Peter Stormare & Laura Allen join Eli Roth produced Clown, shooting underway

11.16.2012by: Jake Dee

CLOWN, the Eli Roth produced horror indie, has just scared up a few more names...

THR has it that the great Peter Stormare (seen right), as well as Laura Allen and Andy Powers have joined CLOWN, the Jon Watts directed film. Shooting has already begun in Ottawa, Canada.

Stormare and Allen are joining Andy Powers who is starring as a father who dons a clown outfit for his son’s birthday when the clown-for-hire bails. He and his family soon discover that he only can’t take it off, there’s a horrific curse behind it.

Allen will play the wife while Stormare is an expert steeped in clown lore.

Sounds interesting and all, but how can any clown movie be more disturbing than VULGAR? A tall ask.

Christian DiStefano, Elizabeth Whitmere and Matthew Stefiuk are also set to star in the Dimension title.

Extra Tidbit: You afraid of clowns?
Source: THR



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