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Pulitzer Prize winner David Auburn to write The Casebook Of Victor Frankenstein

05.23.2011by: Jake Dee

It's been almost 14 months to the day since last writing about THE CASEBOOK OF VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, a movie that, at the time, had WANTED director Timur Bekmambetov attached to direct. Although Timur seems detached at this point, RT Pictures and Ghost House Pictures have hired Pulitzer Prize winning scribe David Auburn (PROOF, THE GIRL IN THE PARK) to adapt the screenplay.

Based on Peter Ackroyd's novel, THE CASEBOOK OF VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN follows:

Two nineteenth-century Oxford students--Victor Frankenstein, a serious researcher, and the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley--who form an unlikely friendship.

This haunting and atmospheric novel opens with a heated discussion, as Shelley challenges the conventionally religious Frankenstein to consider his atheistic notions of creation and life. Afterward, these concepts become an obsession for the young scientist. As Victor begins conducting anatomical experiments to reanimate the dead, he at first uses corpses supplied by the coroner. But these specimens prove imperfect for Victor's purposes. Moving his makeshift laboratory to a deserted pottery factory in Limehouse, he makes contact with the Doomsday men--the resurrectionists--whose grisly methods put Frankenstein in great danger as he works feverishly to bring life to the terrifying creature that will bear his name for eternity.

THE CASEBOOK OF VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is just one of many "Frankenfilms" being produced in Hollywood at the moment. Guillermo del Toro has expressed interest in a straight up remake of the 1931 classic for some time now, and Summit Entertainment has THE DARK ENDEAVOR: THE APPRENTICESHIP OF VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN in the works. Columbia also has a FRANKENSTEIN project in development, as does Slash (G&R) with his inaugural production WAKE THE DEAD. Sheeesh...the age old monster's alive indeed!

THE GIRL IN THE PARK star Kate Bosworth!

Extra Tidbit: For full disclosure, David Auburn also wrote THE LAKE HOUSE.
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