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Punisher 2 trailer!

06.13.2008by: The Arrow

When THE PUNISHER 2 WAR ZONE (slated for a December 5, 2008 release)shoot came to my home town of Montreal, Canada the negative joo-joo surfaced very quickly as to the production. From the initial draft of the script having Frank Castle catching a bullet with his hand (no wonder the GREAT Thomas Jane passed after reading it - that scene was removed from the shooting draft BTW) to stuntmen friends of mine who worked on the picture telling me that first unit and second unit were both shooting a different movie - it wasn't sounding good.

The evolution of the "on film" PUNISHER!

But being a HUGE Punisher fan (the Ennis era) I still kept my hopes up that after two uneven tries, they would get this adaptation right. Alas now that I've seen the trailer (below), I can't say I'm too impressed. Granted the brutality and action quotas seem to be in the house (notice they didn't show Microchip in the trailer - that scares me for some reason - tacky comic relief anyone?)) but why oh why is the color palette straight out of a Joel Schumacher Batman movie? Why does Ray Stevenson (who feels all wrong to me as Castle so far) look like Steven Seagal circa his fat days with a neck brace ? And why is Castle pulling a Boondocks Saints on that chandelier? Smells like STD to me, and I don't just mean straight to DVD!

No comment...

I'm sure opinions will vary harshly as to this trailer. Punisher fans are punishingly passionate about their hero (me included) and for every peep that loathed the fire hydrant shenanigans and the fire skull in the Jane version (count me in that camp), there were others who didn't mind them at all. I see the same thing happening with this entry. Personally, I will reserve final judgment on WAR ZONE for when I see it but my expectations for it to rock my crotch grenades off are now officially VERY LOW!

 Let the PUNISHER FANS war begin!

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